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You have to be willing to use everything you see as symbolism. That’s a good point. My favorite author is Gabriel Garcia-Marquez—that magic-realism is really what I love. It’s all fantasy. Or the blurring or reality of fantasy. Where it doesn’t matter what’s reality or fantasy because you’re getting to the reality of the emotions of it. Sometimes describing something magically tells a lot more truth than just hard, cold realism. Because that’s the way it feels.
Anyone could write down every single thing specifically as it happens. But that’s not going to tell you why you read books or listen to music. And I love having inanimate objects come to life in songs. You know, talking to sidewalks or being teased by the clock or being ridiculed by the sound of footsteps walking away from me. To me, there’s a lot more realism in that.
Conor Oberst, 2004 (via annotatedconoroberst)
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