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“Clairaudients” contains queasy orchestral atonality and snippets of conversations Oberst recorded by dialing psychic-hotline numbers. Although he spent a couple hundred dollars on the phone calls, Oberst says he’s still in the process of contacting the psychics to obtain legal clearance to use their voices on the track. He’s not that worried, though: “Well, they probably already know, right? They’re telepathic.”


hahaha omg

disgrvcelvnd asked:

mitch! any new projects i should get excited for? i think i remember you earlier in the year saying that a new album should drop within the last few months of the year, but that's really fuzzy and i could totally be remembering wrong or thinking of something else.


hellllo! yeah a bunch of weird personal stuff happened this year and a lot of stuff got moved around BUT here’s pretty much what i’ve got planned for the rest of the year. 

- i’m releasing a spoken word album titled petal hopefully by halloween.
- i’m wrapping up two new songs for a split album with Panucci’s Pizza, Personality Disorders, and Emo Side Project.
- i have a 4 song acoustic ep titled four songs for losing you coming out shortly after. it includes the songs you wrote “don’t forget” on your arm and july 8th, 2014 plus two songs you haven’t heard. that’ll eventually be available on 7” via Little League Records. 

THEN, after all that, i’m really crossing my fingers to finally have my shit together enough to record the next full length. i have a lot of it written already and i’ve spent about a year and a half writing it so far. it’s going to be, like other flatsound full length albums, pretty fucking long. like a 17 track frickin’ beautiful and ambitious concept album. it’ll be a while before that becomes a thing, i just can’t wait to make the next full length my main priority. 

i hope this all makes you excited because it all makes me very excited.

Ohhhhhh yesssss.

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